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What is gluten?

Although some products may not naturally contain gluten, it can be added to products when they are further processed. Gluten is used as a binder, filler, or spice enhancer. DI LUSSO® deli meats and cheeses are minimally processed and do not contain gluten.  

What is MSG?

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a white crystalline salt compound used as a flavor enhancer in foods.

What does Black Angus mean?

USDA Choice Black Angus is the highest quality beef you can find in the deli. Quality, flavor, and tenderness are typical of the beef produced from the Black Angus cattle.

Which DI LUSSO® products are lowest in sodium?

Swiss Cheese – 55 mg per 1 oz. serving Havarti Cheese – 135mg per 1 oz. serving London Broil Roast Beef – 190mg per 2 oz. serving Choice Roast Beef Med. – 210mg per 2 oz. serving Reduced Sodium Ham – 390mg per 2 oz. serving Reduced Sodium Turkey – 280mg per 2 oz. serving