A Tradition of Flavor In Every Bite

Using hand-selected spices, perfected blends of meat, and old-world crafting methods, the DI LUSSO® Brand creates premium salami that will open your palette to a world of new flavors that are based in nearly 100 years of history.

  • genoa

    Genoa Salami

    Fine ground and carefully crafted, DI LUSSO® Genoa salami is simply one of the finest dry sausages made.

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  • sopressata

    Sopressata Salami

    Coarse ground and delicately flavored, this sweet DI LUSSO® Sopressata salami balances spices to create a delicious taste in every bite.

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  • hot-sopressata

    Hot Sopressata Salami

    Lively in each spicy bite, this DI LUSSO® Hot Sopressata salami pops with peppers, while keeping a pure savory underside of flavor.

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