Deli 101

Deli slicers have an adjustable knob that allows you to determine the thinness/thickness of a slice. The smaller the number, the thinner the slice. Determining the proper thickness of your deli meat and cheese slices will help make your meals even more amazing.

Here are some number ranges to help you order exactly what you want the next time you are at the deli counter:

  • Numbers 1-2 work well for appetizers, cheeses, and dry sausages such as prosciutto and genoa salami.
  • Numbers 3-4 are perfect for sandwiches; and allow you to really taste the flavors of your deli meat.
  • Numbers 5 -7 are for salads and when a recipe calls for diced meat.
  • Numbers 8-10 provide the thickest slices and are great for soups and cubing.

Ask your deli worker to slice you a sample, then remember your slice number.